Mini Flea Market helps raise money for the Mandan Heritage Plaza

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MANDAN, ND - The Mini Flea Market in Mandan is providing local products for a cause.

Some of the money raised from the market is going towards the improvement of the Mandan Heritage Plaza on Main Street. Their next big project? Adding in some fruit trees. While this Flea Market only had eight or nine vendors, they are planning monthly flea markets going forward and this site can support many more. We asked one vendor why he sells antiques.

"I saw some older couples moving amongst some of the items, and remembering their parents and their grandparents, as they look at these things. 'Oh I remember my mother cooking with this. I remember making cookies with these.' It brings a pleasant nostalgia," said John Wilson, a Vendor at the Market.

There is also a monthly Farmers Market at the plaza, their next one will be on January 28.