Miles of sidewalk missing in Dickinson

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DICKINSON, N.D. - If you've taken a walk in Dickinson recently, you may have noticed that something is missing.

Sixty-thousand feet, or 12 miles of sidewalk, is missing from residential neighborhoods in the city.

The lack is concerning for some residents.

"It's along two blocks. No speed dips, and it gets driven pretty fast. So I stand here and express that it's a safety concern documented to the city," says James Schwartz, resident.

New developments and older establishments across town have spots where sidewalks are missing.

Commissioner Klayton Oltmanns says the gaps may be due to recent construction and the last oil bust cycle.

"There were subdivisions that were not completed, and so those are some areas of the community that we need to fill in with sidewalks," says Oltmanns.

Oltmanns says Dickinson offers a program where homeowners can receive some funding for repairing or constructing new sidewalks.

The commission is weighing whether homeowners should fill in sidewalks on a voluntary basis, or create a newer system.

"If we would identify the next areas that we want to have sidewalks developed in, approach the homeowners, explain the program that's available, come up with a general consensus, so at that point, it still wouldn't be a forced issue," says Oltmanns.

Filling in the 12 miles of sidewalk would cost about $2.7 million citywide.