Miles for Smiles fundraiser at With Room Coffee

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 8:34 PM CST
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Today, the Minot community once again showed they come out in a big way to support those in need.

You might have heard of Miles for Smiles.

Its an annual charity walk put on by Minot State University's National Student Speech Language Hearing Association to raise money for Operation Smile.

This fundraiser helps children in underdeveloped, third-world countries receive cleft lip and/or palate surgeries.

Wednesday the students decided to do something different--they partnered together with With Room Coffee to raise even more for those kids in need.

"A cinnamon White Mocha,” said one customer.

The drink of the day, which was ordered hundreds of times.

"Originally I came to buy one drink for myself and a couple friends were coming so I thought I would just stop by. Then I texted my mom this morning like hey mom do you want a drink and then I told her what it was for. And she's like I am going to ask my whole staff and then it ended up being around 20 drinks,” said Savannah Fix, a customer.

The drink's popularity was not by accident.

"I actually had to call extra people in because we are doing in-house drinks and also delivery. People are asking for deliveries left and right,” said Kimber Dunhan, a With Room Coffee supervisor.

Every Cinnamon White Mocha purchased helps Minot State's Miles for Smiles get closer to their goal of helping children with cleft lips and palates.

"We want to pay for 15 surgeries. Each surgery cost $200 to $300,” said Brenna Dyke one of the Fundraiser Organizers.

One local family knows how these procedures can change lives.

"We have a son, Eli who is 16 years old and he was born with a cleft lip and palate,” said Christine Main, a customer.

Fundraisers like this help those in third-world countries who aren't as lucky to get the surgery as Eli was.

"In other countries they also have children who are eight and nine years old who have never had cleft lip repair. And they are not allowed to participate in society,” said Christine Main.

"It does not only effect their physical appearance, but fixing it helps with feeding, sucking, smiling talking is a lot better and it allows for an overall better quality of life,” said Brenna Dyke.

Bringing a community together to help change lives for children across the globe, one coffee at a time.

Christine and Kimber both said that with all that Eli has gone through with having surgeries and attending speech therapy to this day, after he bought his cinnamon white mocha he donated$40 of his own Christmas money to the organization to help other kids like him.