Midterm Election vote counting

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MINOT, N.D. - Heading out to the polls is half the battle on Election Day.

But it's what happens behind the scenes once the polls close where the manpower and hard work truly matters.

Take your ballot, cast your vote, it's a simple concept. But how do we come to finding out the winners?

"Most of the outlining communities, like Kenmare, have paper poll books and as the voters are checked in, they're given their ballots for their particular area and the ballots of fed into our ballot boxes," said Jason Blowers, Ward County IT Director.

Even after all of the ballot boxes are accounted for, results don't become official for several more days.

"There are absentee votes, there is early voting and there is also canvassing which happens the week after the election. So the official results actually are not available until the following Tuesday after the election," said Blowers.

But it's a group effort to be sure clear results are brought to the public.

"We have the judges that bring the ballot boxes in from the remote locations and we also have the auditors office, and the recorders office is involved as well, and the IT offices" said Blowers.

Polls in Minot stay open until 7 p.m. Nov. 6.