Middle School principal finds relaxation in crafting

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 2:30 PM CDT
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The summer gives a break to students, teachers and administrators after a long school year.

The Mandan Middle School principal has been going to craft shows and auctions with his wife for a long time, they say it’s been a hobby of theirs for years.

This summer Ryan Leingang is ‘brushing’ off the stress.

"Having a lot of fun doing this," said Ryan Leingang, Mandan Middle School principal.

Behind the doors of a blue barn in the backyard of a home in Mandan you can find Mandan Middle School Principal Ryan Leingang this summer.

"I was one of those jerks going around the craft shows saying 'ah, we don't need to get that, I can do that.' Well now I'm finally doing something like that," said Leingang.

His new pastime is crafting flags out of wood.

Leingang said, "It ends up looking like a wave, it's not the typical flat surface."

It takes him about 20 hours to complete one.

"It takes a while because you really have to work the wood to get it smoothed out and to have that appearance," said Leingang.

He's made several in the last few weeks for law enforcement and military families.

Leingang says he's ready for the school year.

"My big passion is being principal with the kids, " said Leingang. "This is just you know something that's fun on the side."

Soon he'll be back at school doing what he loves and the summer hobby will turn into an after school relaxation station.

Leingang says he plans to continue making the flags once the school year begins.

He says his favorite part of making these flags is seeing people’s reactions when they come to pick them up.

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