Midcontinent experiencing outages throughout region

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Slow internet, no internet and cable TV outages are just a few problems that Midcontinent is having with it's services Friday.

Midcontinent isn't just having problems in the area - it's a problem throughout the region. Services have been down since Friday morning, but employees for Midco are working hard to fix the outages.

"We are working our best, from our customer care folks to our field technicians, to all of our IT folks who are working hard on getting this matter rectified as soon as possible. We believe we isolated the issue, and resolution is underway. Services should be improving minute by minute, and we are investigating the root cause," says Page Pearson Meyer, Director of Public and Media Relations.

In some areas internet and email services are coming back online. But Midcontinent recommends checking their social media sites for new information on ths issue.