Michigan man accused of storing 38 oxy pills in his anal cavity pleaded not guilty in court

BISMARCK, N.D. - A Michigan man accused of trying to sell drugs and storing pills in his behind, pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

Bismarck officers made a probable cause search on a car in April after smelling marijuana. The defendant, 20-year-old Mychel Gee was seated in the back and police say he had a previous felony conviction and had a handgun.

The affidavit says police also found more than $3,000 on Gee. Officers say Gee gave them verbal consent to search his cell phone. Police found messages with slang or street terminology for drug seeking.

During booking correctional officers at the Burleigh Morton Detention Center found a plastic baggy with 38 oxycodone pills in Gee’s anus.

He’s charged with possession with intent to deliver with a firearm and possession of controlled substance by an inmate.

A judge set his trial for August 21.