Metro Area Ambulance prepares for COVID-19 transports

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Metro Area Ambulance employees are working day and night to be there for those in need.

Directors and employees at Metro Area Ambulance say they haven't transported anyone with coronavirus yet. However, they say they expect that will change quickly and are preparing for the influx.

The employees at Metro Area Ambulance put their lives on the line to keep those around them safe.

"There's always a risk. The flu is out there. The coronavirus is out there. If we take precautions with our masks and our goggles and all the things we need to, hopefully we can eliminate that for the most part," said Paramedic Tony Reisenauer.

Metro Area has 10 ambulances ready to go in a moment’s notice equipped with 11 ventilators to treat any sort of respiratory issues workers face along the way.

"Being prepared allows us to be in a situation where we can protect ourselves. We have the equipment. We have the gear. We have the knowledge in how to handle these situations," said Operations Chief Dan Schafer.

Schafer says they've been prepared to face droplet nuclei-type diseases.

In light of the pandemic, they've reinforced the importance of safety measures like wearing masks, goggles, gloves and gowns.

"We actually have a fairly low risk if we do what we're supposed to do. We have policies and procedures in place that protect us," said Schafer.

With new information and regulations coming out every day, Metro Area employees are staying up to date on the latest changes they need to make on the job to stay as safe and healthy as possible.