Mess Fest makes a splash against pediatric cancer

BISMARCK, N.D. - Members of the Bis-Man community made a splash in honor of pediatric cancer.

Despite the cold conditions and unfavorable weather, that still didn't stop hundreds from coming out here at Mess Fest 2019 and having a great time.

Tatley-Eagles Park in Bismarck was unusually muddy, not from the rain, but from a big mess.

Mess fest is about letting children run through mud and not worry about getting clothes dirty.

"Yeah and I'm like really never allowed to be in it or I'll just get dirty," said Verona, age 7.

Now, in its fourth year, all proceeds go to Brave the Shave and the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation toward safer and more effective treatments of childhood cancer.

Ty, who passed away in 2012 from brain cancer, said that he always wanted to jump in mud because why worry about getting dirty compared to fighting cancer.

One volunteer says the event hits home.

"This year is definitely a little bit more emotional for me, knowing what my family is going through and understanding what other families are going through as well. Being able to see just people out here having fun and supporting of that, you know these horrible diseases," said Nikki Klein, of Proximal 50.

Bismarck Public Works and Fire Department were ready to hose off the children and parents having a great time.

"Um, I have a good quote: 'It's the best day of my life'"," said Tyler.

Last year, Mess Fest raised more than $15,000, helping dozens of families and they hope to break that number after donations are counted.