Men’s Emergency Shelter closing its doors

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The men's emergency shelter, previously owned by the Ruth Meier’s Hospitality House, will be shutting its doors.

Ruth Meiers recently sold the building to the Heartview Foundation in Bismarck.

"We've got things we got to do in the building, as part of any sale of any property," said Ruth Meiers Interim Director, Steve Neu.

The men at the shelter will have to make other arrangements on where they'll be staying.

"Right now the community doesn't have anything in place. You need to make plans, you cannot be on the streets in the winter time. You need to relocate, you need to reach out to friends, family. You guys need to make plans," said Missouri Valley Coalition for Homeless People, Jeannie Messall.

The Homeless Coalition said someone has already stepped up to run the shelter, all that's needed now is the funding to keep it open.

"We would need the funding in order to lease the building back from Heartview. Heartview has graciously agreed to lease it back to us for the next five to six months if need be," says Messall.

The closure of the shelter leaves several dozen men scrambling to find a roof before snow makes an appearance.

Law enforcement says the solution for this has to come from a community effort.
"This is not a good state to be unsheltered in because of the harsh winters," said Bismarck Police Department’s Crime Prevention and Community Services, Clint Fuller.

Many will have to say goodbye to their temporary home this week as the homeless men's shelter closes its doors for good.

"Don't have a place to stay at night. Daytime we're looking for jobs so you know at night you know it kind of takes away the advantage of having a place to sleep at night," said Shelter resident Elza Maloy.

The Bismarck Police Department said finding options for this problem is a community effort.

"It's definitely going to be a challenge to find a solution to this. And we're working with other partners trying to come up with bits and pieces to you know find a solution to this," said Fuller.

Many of the men affected by this said they're trying to figure out their next steps.

"I honestly take it as they don't care. The fact that they're selling it and kicking us all out in a matter...They've been talking about it for months, yes I understand but the fact that when they finally do decide to do it they just kick us out without any rhyme or reason...just hey leave it's sold...we don't want you here anymore," said homeless man, Jeremy Cohen.

BPD recommends to find friends or family in the area to stay warm.
There will be a fundraiser this Thursday at Buffalo Commons Brewing Company in Mandan to raise money to help lease the building this winter.

Homeless men like Cohen hope the Bismarck Homeless Coalition is able to raise enough funds to lease the shelter for the winter, so they can have a place to stay.