Meet the Republican candidates: District 2 House Race

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WILLISTON, N.D. - This election, two Republicans and two Democrats are running for two seats in District Two in the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Crosby Mayor Bert Anderson is the only one of the four currently serving in the state legislature.

"I've enjoyed politics. I started at the local level when I was 21-years-old. I've been very involved. I find it very rewarding. Just helping people and doing what I can to make it a better place to live," says Anderson.

Anderson took over the House seat last year and is seeking his first full-term. He is joined on the ballot by fellow Republican Don Longmuir of Stanley.

"I've always been involved in the community. To me, it's important. One of the things in our family that we've always strived to remember is that the community gives more than you give the community, so always give back to the community," says Longmuir.

Both believe that there needs to be continued support of education, infrastructure and healthcare in the northwest corner of the state.

"Oil is down right now, however the needs out here that have been created because of the energy industry still exist," says Longmuir.

And both say they will do what they can to serve the district.

"I'm going in level-headed. I have no agenda, I have no ax to grind, I just want to do the best for my grandchildren's grandchildren," says Longmuir.

"This quotation that Henry Ford gave a long time ago, 'If you think you can, or think you can't - you're right.' I happen to think we can, as legislators, meet the challenges we have to face," says Anderson.

It'll be up to the voters to decide if they agree.

Anderson and Longmuir will take on Democrats Brandon Delvo and Doug Hoffman, who we will hear from Friday night. Republican David Rust is running unopposed for the District Two Senate seat.