Meet the Candidates: District 40 state House race

MINOT, ND - This week KMOT will preview the state house and senate races the voters will see on the ballot next Tuesday.

We begin with the four candidates who are vying for two spots open for the house from District 40.

Republicans Randy Schobinger and Matthew Ruby, and the Democrats Heidi Rintoul and A.J. Schultz will face off for the two open spots in District 40 next Tuesday.

Schobinger served in the State Senate from 1995 to 2006, and looks to return to the capitol.

“It's really gonna take digging into some of these budgets, and saying 'What is absolute necessity, and what isn't?' Because I'm not the kind of person that's gonna go to Bismarck and raise taxes on people at a time when their incomes are going down,” said Schobinger.

Heidi Rintoul, whose parents Richard and Susan are running for District 38, works in healthcare, and has made public health key to her platform.

“I think we need to focus a little harder on, and make sure that programs that are being cut aren't the ones that are gonna hurt the most vulnerable citizens first. The government shouldn't be hurting people, it should be there to help them,” said Rintoul.

Another candidate looking to follow in their family's political footsteps—Matthew Ruby, whose father Dan represents District 38.

“When I became a father really, I wanted to really ensure that we set up the next generation correctly, so I didn't want quick fixes in different plans, tax plans, stuff like that. I wanted to really ensure that these plans are built for the long-term,” said Ruby.

Ruby says he will push for more drug treatment options, a cause championed by the Democrat A.J. Schultz, who arrived in Minot in 2010, and opened his own law firm a year later.

“We knew that people were going to be bringing their problems with them, and we did very little to prepare for it, and now we’re reaping what we’ve sown. It's time to make sure we have an actual treatment facility, coupled with sentencing reform, so we can get our citizens the help that they need so they can move forward, and so can our community,” said Schultz.

All four candidates say they plan to work with members of the other party, and they will have to if they get your vote.

The two candidates who win will replace Matthew Klein and Robert Frantsvog, who chose not to run for re-election.