Meet the Candidates: District 4 House Race

MINOT, ND - Kenton Onstad, D-Parshall, is the lone incumbent running in the District 4 House race. Elected in 2000, this House Minority Leader said he looks to help guide western North Dakota's counties through the ebb and flow of the oil boom.

“Our schools, our health service, our roads, our counties, our law enforcement, those could have been addressed early on, and yet we're always being reactive to the whole thing, and we've got to be more proactive. We've got to be progressive to the approach,” said Onstad.

The other Democrat in the race, Cesar Alvarez, who went from New Town, N.D., to Cambridge, Mass., to study government at Harvard, but returned home to work in intergovernmental affairs for the Three Affiliated Tribes. He said he wants to emphasize affordable housing, healthcare access, and opportunities for young people.

“We have a lot of opportunities before us, but also some challenges, and I think that we really need local leaders from here who know our way of life and know about our communities and our culture,” said Alvarez.

For the Republicans, Bill Oliver is running. Oliver works as a pipeline patroler in the oil industry and has served on the New Town City Council.

“Having somebody in the legislature that actually works in the industry, it may help. It may give them some extra incentive to do things properly, and to get them done right the first time,” said Oliver.

Terry Jones has also thrown in for the GOP. Jones came to North Dakota during the oil boom, and lobbied for farmers and ranchers while living in Wyoming.

“I see a lot of problems in this country, and I do a lot of complaining about those problems, and I figured in this time in my life, it's probably time for me to step up and see if I can do something to help,” said Jones.

Four men vying for two spots, and looking for your vote next Tuesday.

The other current house member, Glen Froseth, R-Kenmare, chose not to run for reelection.