Medora tickets showdown

Third party ticket sellers are notorious for event goers, but one North Dakota tradition is taking a stance against them.

The Medora Musical is the rootinest and tootinest show in the west, but many attendees are taken advantage of. There's a battle being fought on the biggest stage in the west.

The musical is in a showdown with third party ticket sellers and viewers may be paying too high for ticket prices.

"It just isn't reflective of what we would charge to see our show,” said Justin Fisk, Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation marketing and communications director. “And they're also doing a good job at promoting themselves, and so people are finding them very early in their google search process."

Third parties have been selling tickets to the show online with significant price hikes. From 30% higher to upwards of 350%. Websites include Vivid Seats, The Ticket Office, and others.

"But we don't know how many tickets are bought through these ticket resellers, because folks buy the ticket, and then the company turns around and buys them at a lower price, and then sells the confirmation email to the customer,” Fisk said. “So we don't know how large the problem is, but we're implementing things to try to find out."

For those who bought at higher rates, the foundation will be offering free ticket vouchers for future dates. Just bring your ticket, receipt, and details about the purchase while attending the performance.

Ways to avoid buying at higher rates include buying tickets directly through the official Medora website or calling their office.

Those wanting a refund due to the price hikes may have a difficult time receiving it. Tickets bought through a third party seller can't be refunded through the foundation, because refunds from Medora would go to the third party's account.