Medical Minute: Working out muscle knots

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MINOT, N.D. - Studies show that muscle tension is probably the most common and obvious physical symptom of stress. Candese Charles joins us with how you can deal with the tension.

We all get them...knots in our shoulders, backs and neck often caused by stress and anxiety. In this week's Medical Minute we'll show you how community members and Trinity say they relieve the stress...

Stress, we all suffer from it, especially this time of year..

"Work, school, homework," said Jake Griffey, at home stress reducer.

"We just have everything. Something every single day," said Brett and Betty Leith, Stressed Community Members.

"Making sure we have enough jobs for the winter and money coming in for my family," said Thomas Graham, stressed community member.

Whether it's a hard job or going back to school, the results are mostly the same, though we all may deal with it a little differently.

"I try to stretch out, I try to go for a walk. Do things like that that are relaxing," said Mary Hermanson, stressed community member.

"I do a lot of meditation and I actually listen to audio, Youtube has meditation podcast, when I go to bed. I really do do that," said Camille Obert-Joralski, stressed teacher from Arizona.

And the result that takes the cake: muscle knots.

"If you have a bunch of rubber bands and you coil them together, in a sense that's what's happening to your muscles and when you can't relax them they're going to keep getting coiled," said Tanya Gillen, Trinity Health YMCA exercise physiologist.

"I'd love to go to a massage but I don't do that very often so I just stretch. Or sometimes I can have my kids rub my back a little bit," said Leith.

While getting a massage maybe the thing to do spending the bucks and the time may not be. But there are some things you can do to deal with those pesky muscle knots.

"Use thing like a doorway, or even a chair to get into a different posture of what you're used to and what's causing that stress," said Gillen.

"Relaxing, listen to good music, rubbing like your own body to try to get out the muscles knots," said Griffey.

So if stress is weighing you down, don't fret! Stop, relax, and work it out.

If you'd like more tips on stretching and massaging your muscles contact the Trinity Health services at the YMCA.