Medical Minute: Trinity pushes healthy eating during 'National Nutrition Month'

MINOT, N.D. - This month, Trinity is helping people make the most out of the food they eat.

During the month of March, healthcare providers stress healthy eating, as part of National Nutrition Month.

Trinity dietitian Kayla Cole says they have a different motto for the month of March each year. This year, they're going with "Go Further With Food."

“'Go Further with Food' doesn't just mean having good nutrition because we know if we put good fuel in our body we can do better. Whether it’s at school or work, having good nutrition helps us go further with life and whatever we are trying to do. But also it has a lot to do with trying to reduce food waste,” said Cole.

Cole says that proper eating habits begin early on in life.

“The truth is that what we eat can affect us forever, starting at a very young age. So it’s important to think about it early on because it can really effect what happens to us later on in life,” Cole said.

A dietitian will recommend what's called "Choose MyPlate" as a guideline for patients. It breaks down what a healthy plate of food should look like: divided into portions of protein, grains fruits, and vegetables. The majority of people don't eat this way until their health takes a turn for the worst and they have to make a change.

“It seems really simple, but yet you show people here's this 'Choose MyPlate' and you say how often does your plate look like that, and for a lot of people not very often,” Cole said.

Trinity also offers grocery store tours, cooking classes and recipe videos.

You can learn more about Trinity’s nutrition education options at this link:

You can learn more about “Choose My Plate” at this link: