Medical Minute: Trinity Health's Cardiopulmonary Rehab Center

MINOT, N.D. - For cardiac and pulmonary patients, Trinity Health hosts a program to safely help patients recover and improve their lifestyle.

Trinity's Cardiopulmonary Rehab Center helps patients with health problems develop good habits to live a health life.

Reuben Sanders knows all too well the struggles of heart problems. Surgeons placed a stent in Reuben's heart, after he learned last November that one of his arteries was 99 percent blocked.

Now, Reuben goes through rehab to make sure he doesn't have to go through that again.

"I think after the operation, right away you could tell it was better. Over here when you do rehab with Heidi and the girls, they kind of push you a little bit you know cause I can be lazy if I want," said Sanders.

Rehab specialists like Heidi Zaderaka teach patients how to exercise the right way.

"The goals are to help get back to living the life that they want to be able to lead, modifying their risks, and knowing what they need to do to be able to get there," said Zaderaka.

The turn-around time for these patients following an operation is roughly one to three weeks, with rehab sessions lasting 20 to 40 minutes.

Sanders said, "You get on the treadmill first or I do, then I do this leg thing here, then the rowing machine, which is a toughy. Then the arm one over there."

Zaderaka says that the biggest hurdle for these patients is learning the right habits.

"A lot of our patients haven't been people that have incorporated exercise, healthy living nutrition, those kind of things."
Heidi Zaderaka said.

The team keeps in contact with doctors, and if an emergency arises, they are trained to handle it.