Medical Minute: Trinity Health evolves around technology

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MINOT, N.D. - FaceTime and other forms of video chat have become a common way that people communicate.

But, what you may not know are ways these platforms are being used to further medicine.

Trinity care isn't only personal, it's now becoming more technological.

Regions Hospital Burn Center in, Saint Paul, Minn. has partnered with Trinity to provide a unique service to patients that provides them with the best possible care.

"The tele-burn allows the burn surgeon to visualize the burn with us to talk through the description of the burn with the patient, and make a collaborative decision about a transfer," said Dr. Scott Knutson, Trinity Health.

Transferring a patient can sometimes be critical. Thanks to tele-burn, burn specialists can access the burn, and create a treatment plan from miles away.

"There are burns that need to be managed by a specialized burn center. I think it's reassuring to the patient. I hope that's what they feel when they have the interaction with the few that have used it so far, have come away with a very positive experience," said Knutson.

This technology may open doors for the future of medicine.

"There are some other opportunities that may be on the horizon for other avenues similar to this," said Knutson.

Leaving patients in the best hands, in North Dakota and beyond.