Medical Minute: Summer Fit Tips

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MINOT, N.D. - Summertime means days at the pool and other outdoor activities. It's not too late to hit the gym for a fit and healthy summer body.

While getting fit may include looking your best at the beach this summer, it also means staying strong and healthy.
In this week's medical minute we have your summer fit tips.

It's almost time to break out the swim suit and head outdoors, but strength is the first step to being fit this summer.

"Strength is what holds you together, it helps prevent injuries, and that's why strength is so important and you can burn more calories at rest the more muscles you have on your body," said Tanya Gillen, Trinity exercise physiology.

Gillen said being 'summer fit' is not just about fitting in your swim suit.

"Strong is the new skinny. That's the saying that's been going around for the last couple of years but that's what needs to be focused is being healthy and not so much on weight," said Gillen.

Strength training uses your muscles and keeps you healthy and strong for summer activities.

And you don't have to hit the weights. There are fun exercises you can do at home such as the modified push up here.

Where you lean over a ball and push up and down. Or the modified launch with weights. Or, my favorite: The prisoners squat.

So these are some of the exercises you can do to get your summer body but you also have to remember to eat healthy.

"Throw in some more healthy carbohydrates, meaning fruits and vegetables those are essential to have in your diet," said Tanya Gillen.

Getting fit for summer isn't always easy, but you can help yourself by managing your expectations.

"You don't get to start in January and go 'I want a bikini body by May', that doesn't happen. So, you have to be realistic," said Tracey Sys, trains at YMCA.

Even if you don't get your "beach body" you want for summer, you can still set goals to be healthy and strong.

Trinity has a few more steps to get you closer to your summer health goals including:

- Parking further away from store and building entrances, taking steps instead of escalators and elevators, using the weather for a nice walk. -

- Remember to get enough sleep, keep hydrated and keep your stress levels down.