Medical Minute: School athletes tackle Trinity's FASTER program

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MINOT, N.D. - As school starts up, sports teams prepare for the season ahead. In this week's Medical Minute Candese Charles stopped by Our Redeemers to see how Trinity is helping student athletes get ahead of the game.

Our Redeemer's Volleyball team is working hard to head back to state championships this year.

That includes a lot of hard conditioning.

"They do one minute of each exercise and if we ran the stations two times they would get eight minutes in total," says Kara Nunziato, Our Redeemers Head Volleyball Coach.

Yeah, so these circuits can be tough...but players say it is necessary.

"Work hard and you get yourself better. Nobody can make you get better. You have to do it yourself," says Karlee Zablotney, Our Redeemers Senior Volleyball Setter.

The circuits you just saw the girls do is part of Trinity Health. They are one of nearly 12 schools that participate in the FASTER program. A program that aims at making sure that their heads and their bodies are in the game.

"It's designed to help prevent injuries so that hopefully we're not as busy during the season trying to take care of things. But, instead preventing those injuries from happening," says Dr. Dawn Mattern, Trinity Sports Medicine Medical Director.

FASTER, which stands for Flexibility, Agility and Strength Together Equal Ready, was created back in 2006 and since then has had stellar results.

"By watching the kids move during their games, they're able to get to their sports, they're able to turn quickly, they're able to control their feet," says Robyn Gust, Trinity Sports Medicine Manager.

And with state championships on the line, the girls volleyball team says the extra sweat during the summer is worth it.

"We haven't had a ton of injuries the past year. So that's been really helpful," says Zablotney.

"If I could save one kid from having their ACL torn and a lifetime of kind of 'Oh my knee, Oh my knee,' it's been well worth it," says Dr. Mattern.

Ensuring that your favorite athlete can continue working toward state championships and their future without worrying about injuries.

To find out how you can get your student athlete into the FASTER program, check out the Trinity Sports medicine website: