Medical Minute: Picking Healthy New Year Resolutions

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MINOT, N.D. - In this week's Medical Minute, we spoke with a Trinity Dietician and Physical Director about planning healthy New Year's resolutions.

The University of Scranton says the number one new year's resolution is weight lose. While many people prepare for a new diet and gym plan, some seem to forget about the long term goals when picking a resolution.

The university also says that just eight percent of people achieve their New Year's goals, and by the second week of February nearly 80 percent of those resolution-ers have left the gym and diet behind completely.

"It's important to make them realistic and think about what they like to do for the year and also thinking about why they want to do it. A lot of times people pick resolutions that they've already tried to do but some how failed at. So it's important to think about the barrier at hand," says Kayla Cole, Trinity Health Outpatient Dietician.

One of those barriers physical directors recognize is getting resolution-ers through gym doors to begin with.

"Getting through the door is the biggest obstacle that people have when it comes to New Year's resolution. Once you get started it starts to become a life style. Essentially fitness that's what it is, it's a lifestyle change," says Wade Messner, YMCA Physical Director.

But starting and keeping a healthy lifestyle change is a challenge that consists of not only finding the right work out routine but also healthy eating habits.

Healthy shopping can be a struggle, but like exercising, finding the right routine, can possibly kick your new year resolution into motion.

"Pick out maybe five or 10 things each grocery trip and say 'I'm gonna look at the label for this, for sodium, for these foods and figure out if it can find if it's a good choice, if it's not a good choice if it's not a good choice, if I can find an alternative', and if you do that every grocery trip then eventually you'll build up a large amount of good healthy choices without overwhelming yourself in one trip," says Cole.

But, sticking to a routine is key and working with a friend or buddy can help keep you keep on your new year track.

"A lot of things that help keep things going are making friends, finding a work out partner helps keep you motivated. Uniquely with our facility we have the indoor track and walking can be the number one thing starting with your new years resolution," says Messner.

Whether you're adjusting your diet or picking the right work out routine, it's never too early to think about working on your new years resolutions.

Looking to keep your 2017 resolutions on track. Stop by the YMCA and Trinity's Nutrition Services Department. Trinity is holding healthy eating events to keep your 2017 resolutions you can find out more by calling 701-857-5268. back to you.