Medical Minute: Immunization requirement changes for North Dakota

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Immunization records provide schools with a list of vaccines students receive each year.

Last week, the State Health Department announced four changes that have been made to the immunization requirements.

Medical professionals say that changes to the immunization requirements don't change very often but, the North Dakota State Health Department announced last week that several changes will go into effect for the 2018- 2019 academic year.

"The Hepatitis B is now required for daycare. Another change is, before parents could sign exemptions, if their child had had chicken pox, for example, where now the physician needs to sign an exemption, that's a new part of the law," said Danell Eklund, County Nursing Supervisor.

Eklund says there is a significant change to the immunization requirements that will impact juniors and seniors in high school to better protect them against a potentially life threatening bacterial infection.

"Meningococcal is a two-dose series and it's recommended that you get it at age 16, and what changes now is that its required. So before they go into 11th or 12th grade, they need to have that 16-year-old meningococcal dose as a requirement," said Eklund.

The State of North Dakota requires students have seven different immunization requirements.

"If you're getting your routine childhood immunizations like you're supposed to get, nothing will change for you at all. You're already getting what what you should be getting before you enter into school," said Eklund.

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