Medical Minute: Holiday Heartburn

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MINOT, N.D. - It is almost time to do your holiday feast shopping. But for many, the foods of the season can cause a burning in your chest.

"I have heartburn quite badly, but I know I have it from certain foods. So, I can't eat those foods," says Pat Ramsdell, heartburn sufferer.

"I do myself but I can medication for it and I know people that do too," says Nita Martin, heartburn sufferer.

"Oh definitely, yes definitely and my daughter-in-law does also," says Debra Todd, heartburn sufferer.

Heartburn or acid reflux is common and extremely uncomfortable.

"The acid content of the stomach get too high and it causes reflux. So, the acid can move up the esophagus causing that burning sensation that people can get in their stomach and up into their throat," says Megan Ward, Sanford Health APRN-DNP.

Heading to your closest pharmacy for antacids may be the best solution, but avoiding those inflammatory foods this Christmas may prevent you from burning altogether.

"Want to avoid high caffeine, high spicy foods that are higher in fat content or greasy. All of those can increase the acid content of the stomach which then triggers the acid reflux," says Ward.

But if you've already taken a bite of your favorite greasy dish or sweet cookie do not fret, the holidays are not completely burned.

"Try not to eat too late in the evening and stuff because that causes a lot of problems, " says Martin.

"Just eat slow, basically. Don't try to shove food in your mouth," says Todd.

"Just learn what to avoid like spicy foods that aggregated me. It's kind of a learning process," says Richard Dahl, heartburn sufferer.

Just be careful when shopping for and eating your Christmas dinner, and keep those antacids close by.

If you arenot the one cooking, having a serious talk with your holiday cook can help shave off the burn.