Medical Minute: Halloween safety tips

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MINOT, N.D. - Halloween is only a few days away, but the good times can turn sour quickly if you don't take the right precautions.

Whether it's the candy you get at trick-or-treat or the costume you plan on wearing. We spoke with Trinity as well as community members about keeping spooky and safe this Halloween.

It's almost time for some Halloween fun and little trick or treaters say they can hardly hold in their excitement.

"I'm so excited about Halloween so I can go with my friends and get candy," said Payton Jolliffe, excited trick-or-treater.

"I'm excited for Halloween because I can't wait to eat all of the candy," said Tucker Jolliffe, excited trick-or-treater.

While sweet treats may be on their minds, parents say they have some safety concerns.

"Of course a huge worry for me is some of the things that they're receiving, just the candy," said Tricia Jolliffe, mother.

Trinity staff says parents are right to be cautious.

"Unfortunately, there are sometimes issues with people tampering with the candy that they give out for Halloween but there's also packaging problems from the manufacturer itself. Another thing to watch for is sometimes the candy pieces are small enough that they would be a potential chocking hazard. So, be sure to check all of your candy," said Laurie Ramsey, Trinity Injury prevention coordinator.

While candy safety is a popular Halloween worry amongst parents, health professionals say costumes can also cause accidents.

"You want to choose materials that our flame resistant. Also, the fit of the costume is very important. It shouldn't obstruct your movement, you should be able to move freely within your costume and also they length of your costume. You could be stepping on it causing a tripping hazard," said Ramsey.

So while you're getting your little ones ready for the weekend just remember these safety tips.

Trinity has a few other safety reminders for tricking or treating:
Don't run ahead, look both ways when crossing a street. Wear Reflective tape, and a have a flashlight or glow sticks, also plan your route ahead of time.

Besides the tips we've listed it's also a great idea to to signal or tell homes you visit about allergies or diet needs to ensure your holiday remains safe and fun.