Medical Minute: Get Healthy for the First day of School

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MINOT, N.D. - As summer comes to a close and parents prepare for back to school, it is a good time to get your health in check for the school year.

First District Health is buzzing with parents preparing their little ones for school. In this week's medical minute, we talk about the importance of a getting checkup before heading back to school.

It's that time of the year again. That's right, back to school.

But getting ready is not only about buying school supplies and clothes.
"Well they have to get shots again," says Sandra Larson, Mother of three.

"Ya know trying to keep them healthy and not get sick," says Theresa Hathaway, Mother of three.

Getting your child's health ready for the first day of school includes a few things.

"It's really just what they should be doing every day and just making sure your kids are up to date on their shots, making sure they're healthy, and if your children are sick keep them home," says Lacey McNichols, First District Health Unit Immunization Coordinator.

McNichols also says parents should remember to update their children's immunizations, remind them to keep their hands away from their face and mouth and to not share hats and coats to prevent spreading lice, remind them to always wash their hands, and that if parents have any questions or concerns, to contact their school nurses.

"I think it is an extra challenge just because when they are younger you're like 'oh I have to do this and that and that'. So it just adds more to your plate that you have to remember," says Theresa Hathaway, Mother of three.

Getting up to date on all their vaccinations can help children get through the school year.

"Our goal is to get the kids into school and keep them there, and keep them safe, and keep them healthy. The best way to do that is by protecting them against the diseases we can by administering vaccines," says McNichols.

So before you stop by the store for more supplies don't forget to get a check up before going back to school.

To find out what shots your child needs, check with the school nurse or their pediatrician.