Medical Minute: Diabetes on a budget

MINOT, N.D. - The Trinity Health Center for Diabetes Education hosts free education programs to help make living with diabetes easier.

This week's class focused on managing diabetes on a budget.

The class was all about how to live with diabetes without breaking the bank. Trinity Health Center for Diabetes Education doesn't want people to have to choose between rent, food or medication because there are all important things.

Sarah Rimatzki knows all too well the struggles of living with diabetes. Rimatzki, who is type-one diabetic herself, helps others with diabetes as Trinity.

“Some tips to save money with doctor bills, medications, food,” said Rimatzki. “Things like that. Just because people don't really realize how expensive diabetes can be, and having a chronic condition in general can just add up so quickly."

One big talking point was the plate method, or how to portion out food and control the foods that have the most impact on blood sugar levels.

"With eating healthy, it's great for blood sugar control and overall health,” Rimatzki said. “People who have diabetes, or are at risk for having diabetes, if they lose about 7 percent of their body weight, they can reduce the risk for diabetes up to 53 percent.

Diabetes can be tough to deal with.

"You can do everything right and things just go wrong. It's a frustration and a battle you work on daily" admited Rimatzki.

That's why it's always good to have help from professionals along the way.

However, as several people said throughout the meeting, there are ways to manage diabetes.

Classes like these help people live with and manage their diabetes.