Medical Minute: Cupping Therapy

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MINOT, N.D. - It's the circular sensation that is taking the world by storm. Cupping has exploded since Olympians have been seen competing with the tell-tale marks on their shoulders and backs, but it's a practice that has been around for thousands of years.

The trend that has taken over social media, started in traditional Chinese medicine.

"They started it to move the chi, or the energy flow through the body, and now as it has moved to western civilization and become more modernized, it's used to flow the blood and the lymph so it's still very much a flowing art," Master Aesthetician Shantel Blackburn said.

For anyone that moves, and especially athletes massage therapy can be an essential part to a healthy lifestyle.

"Your muscles are what move you, and you want everything to be fluid and free from toxins, and massage is a great way to activate the lymph system and keep the athletes well, keep their muscles hydrated and clean and make sure their getting the nutrients they need," Blackburn said.

Tension or knots in muscles happen to everyone, and therapists like Blackburn use it as a part of different services.

"It's just another way to get to the muscle. That vacuum lifts up the tissue the muscle all that and allows new blood to flow in and kicks all of that junk out," Blackburn said.

It allows you to feel results without the down time of a traditional massage.

"Deep tissue will leave someone feeling very sore for days where as the cupping, it's tender but you're still able to have complete rotation," Blackburn said.

As for Michael Phelps and the rest of Team USA, it may just be the secret to their continued success.

"He's moving all the time so that lactic acid is building up and this is just keeping things flowing very nicely," Blackburn said.

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