Medical Minute: CancerCare Cottage

Published: May. 2, 2019 at 3:25 PM CDT
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A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for the person receiving the news and those close to them. It can be more difficult when the closest treatment center is hours away.

Trinity Health is in their 10th year of keeping families, patients, and cancer treatment close together.

Ona and Ronald Munson used to drive the roundtrip from Bottineau for years, just to receive medical treatment in Minot. But this time, they're staying in the Magic City.

“Now we are staying here while we have to go through treatment for him, and it's very nice, very homey. That's what it is,” Ona said.

Trinity's CancerCare Cottage makes it possible for cancer patients and their caregivers traveling long distances to stay close to their treatment.

Ona gets a bed here too, so she can stay by her husband's side while he goes through his treatment.

“We've been together for many years, so we have to have a lot of support. I was in a terrible accident and he was there for me all the time, so I have to be with him,” Ona said.

Ronald can focus on fighting the disease without having to worry about travel plans and expenses.

“The treatments have been great, they're going real well,” Ronald said.

The professionals at the cottage not only help the patient, but also loved ones impacted by the news no one wants to hear.

“If they're having any difficult times adjusting too. The cancer diagnosis doesn't just impact the patient, it impacts their families as well,” said Cassandra Towsley, oncology social worker.

"It's just like home", Ona said

Treating the spirit as well as the body.

You must be receiving ongoing cancer treatment at Trinity to stay in the CancerCare Cottage.

To stay at the CancerCare Cottage contact your Trinity CancerCare physician.

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