Medical Minute: Breast cancer awareness

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MINOT, N.D. - During the month of October, many people will dress up in costumes for Halloween, but the month is also a chance to sport the color pink, as a way to raise awareness of breast cancer, and research into cures for the disease.

This month people around the country are dying their hair pink, donning pink clothes, and even painting their trucks pink, all for breast cancer awareness.

"Prevention for cancer or any type of health issue is huge," said Holly Arnold, Trinity patient.

But there's something extra you can do to support women's health: get a mammogram.

"October especially gets very busy for us when women see the advertisements on TV, radio, newspaper, and it kind of is a reminder for them that is a really important thing that they need to do, for themselves," said Connie Busch, Trinity lead mammographer.

"We just need to take care of what we can, and I think that helps with keeping cost down overall and just living a healthier lifestyle," said Arnold.

With access to 3D mammography machines, getting your exam is quick and easy.

"Cancer is not a death sentence anymore so if you're afraid of coming and having screening test because a cancer is going to be found, it would be so much better to be found at an early stage where it can be treated and managed and you can go on with your life and not have it be the end all. That that's all there is," said Busch.

An extra incentive that could make this month one of health and healing.