Measures pass in Bismarck to raise taxes

BISMARCK, N.D. - In Bismarck, you will soon be paying just a little more in taxes City residents voted yes to passing two measures that will increase the sales tax, and cap the property tax buy down.

After about two years of work, the city of Bismarck is one step closer to having a sustainable source of income to fund infrastructure projects. Commissioner Steve Marquardt says he's not excited to raise taxes, but is happy to know they'll have the money to help with the roads.

“I'm glad the citizens were able to see that there's issues that we need to have done and that they voted for this half cent sales tax to go through for us to be able to utilize,” Marquardt said.

Approval of two measures, which will cap the 25 mill property tax buy down, which comes out of the current one cent sales tax, at the 2019 level, and create a half cent sales tax with a 10-year sunset provision were approved in the general election. City engineer Gabe Schell will work with the commission and city administration to figure out which projects are first on the list.

“Look at our strategies moving forward in terms of which ones are the highest priorities your 43rd Avenues, your South Washington Streets, improvements to State Streets and things of that nature,” Schell said.

But Marquardt says the new measures won't stop officials from continuing to look for other places for funding.

“We still need to make sure that we're doing our due diligence with the taxpayer money that we do get,” Marquardt said.

The measures will go into effect sometime in January.

A third city measure also passed. That dealt with cleaning up some of the language in Bismarck's Home Rule Charter.