McLean County Sheriff’s Department sees first 18-wheeler chase

MCLEAN COUNTY, N.D. - Your News Leader has obtained video of a multi-agency police chase that ended in McLean County after one of several spike strips finally worked.

The chase began in Mercer County after authorities say the truck hit another car and injured someone.

The McLean County sheriff says the call came in that the truck was headed towards their county. They responded by sending 15 deputies to assist.

"It was like a large missile going down a major highway," said JR Kerzmann, McLean County sheriff.

The McLean County sheriff says speeds reached over 70 miles per hour through McLean County.

"Something we've never dealt with before." and the truck sped past deputies laying down spike strips.

"So when they deployed the spikes the semi would actually come at the deputies and the patrol cars. And he'd see the spike strips and veered away from the deputies," said Kerzmann.

But before capturing the suspect, a deputy got hurt deploying spike strips

"Popped the steering axel and then it got tangled in the drive axels and that's when I got pulled," said Cody Meadows, McLean County corporal.

Meadows injured his shoulder

The suspect, 41-year-old Daniel Beneda, was detained after deputies say he sat in the truck for more than an hour after the chase was over.

Beneda has multiple charges against him, both in Mercer and McLean County, including reckless endangerment and fleeing officers.

As for Meadows, he says he's doing better.

Video courtesy: McLean County Sheriff's Office