McKenzie County grandmother-granddaughter duo is hosting art show to help others

MCKENZIE COUNTY, N.D. - A grandmother and her granddaughter in McKenzie County are hosting an art show to raise money for after-school club.

They say it’s much more than just a simple fundraiser, and there’s a lot of history and meaning behind it.

"Since I was a little girl, I knew what a lot of the wild flowers were from my mom and my aunt, so I thought it would be nice to pass that knowledge down to Henri,” said Shelly Haugen, artist and grandmother. “We were on the hills picnicking, and we started picking wild flowers."

"We drive back down the hill then we bring those flowers home, and we put them in clay and then we pick them out then they dry and we put the plaster over it," said Henri Haugen, artist.

Henri says her favorite part of the whole process is, "spending time with grandma."

The works of art will be bid for in a silent auction at Henri and Grandma's Art Show. Proceeds will be given to the Boys & Girls Club of Richland County; an after-school program to provide a safe place for kids.

“I get to teach one of my grandchildren what I love, and we get to help others and that's a really good feeling. I don't know who the blessing is more for us or for the kids we help," Shelly said.

During their last art show in 2016, the two of them raised $2,900 to send all of the boys and girls club kids to summer art camp. This year is the first year since then that they've been able to host another.

They hope this art show certainly won't be the last. Henri is already asking about next year.

The Henri and Grandma Art Show, along with a bake sale, will be on Sept. 14th at the Boys and Girls Club in Sidney MT, from 3-to-5 p.m. MT.