McKenzie County fines two trucks over $30,000 for driving on weight restricted roads

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MCKENZIE COUNTY, N.D. - The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department cited two trucking companies over $30,000 in weight limit fines over the last two weeks.

On September 8, McKenzie County deputies stopped a truck hauling salt water on County Rd 6 north of the Fort Berthold reservation. The road had a weather restriction of 12,000 pounds.

The truck owned by a private driver, but contracted by Dirty Hands, weighed 110,500 pounds. The driver was fined $19,600.

On September 12, a truck carrying diesel mud fuel was pulled over on 125 Ave. NW, which had a 12,500-pound restriction.

The truck weighed 78,800 pounds and was fined $14,400. The truck and trailer were impounded by the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department and was picked up the next day.

The truck company is contesting the case. A court date has yet to be set.

The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department tells Your News Leader that the average weight limit fine cost between $500-$5,000.