McKenzie County and Watford City get 'storm ready'

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WILLISTON, ND - With severe weather on its way McKenzie County and Watford City are getting "storm ready."

"What storm ready means is that we have a deep relationship with the county officials here, basically which enhances and makes more effective our communications. So it gets our warnings out in a timely manner," said Nathan Heinert, National Weather Service.

"We have to have a public warning system in place, we have to be able to monitor the National Weather Service Radios 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that if a warning is given that we are responding accordingly," said Arthur Walgren, Watford City EM, chief of police.

McKenzie County Emergency Manager Karolin Jappe said: "It does help. Because a lot of times when you have people from other states move into McKenzie County, they hear about the tornadoes, and through social media, you can tell there's a lot of fear that is out there. So this does help people prepare."

Officials are hoping that the next time severe weather strikes, the area will be ready.