Mayor Seminary recall petition gaining momentum

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's been less than a week since the Secretary of State approved the petition to recall Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary, and the people behind the recall effort say several people are interested in running against Seminary.

The Secretary of State's Office says 1,898 signatures are needed to force a new election.

The committee Better Leadership For A Better Bismarck says the process has just begun, but three candidates have already expressed interest. One announced his intentions to run Monday.

Business development director Steve Bakken says he will run for mayor if the petition goes through. Bakken works for Larson Engineering, and says he would like to address the disconnect of taxpayers not being heard.

The recall website names several reasons for wanting to replace Mayor Seminary, including issues with city finances, infrastructure, and tax revenue.

Supporters of the petition say residents want change now. They prefer to hold a recall election as soon as possible, rather than wait until next year.

"They don't want to wait for the political process of well, we still have to wait a year. They want to be heard now. They're mad now. They're sick and tired of not being heard out at the commission meetings. And a lot of people feel like they're not being heard by Mike. They feel like when they talk to him, they're being ignored," says Cody Schuh, concerned business owner .

We reached out to Seminary for comment and hope to have a response from him soon.