Maximize Minot reminds residents the importance of buying local

MINOT, N.D.- You may have noticed that several Minot businesses have closed shop in recent weeks, including a couple that were only around for a handful of months.

With some businesses struggling, the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce reemphasizes buying local.

Whether it's a mom and pop shop or a big box store that calls the Magic City home, they're all local.

Late last fall, the Chamber started the Maximize Minot Campaign to promote how buying from local businesses benefits our community in the long run.

“When they do that, the money comes back because the sales tax that they pay is reinvested in the community in things like skating and things like the zoo,” said Minot Area Chamber of Commerce President John MacMartin.

The state has seen more revenue from sales tax dollars since the June decision on South Dakota versus Wayfair, which levels the playing field for many brick and mortar stores.

Still, MacMartin says there are services that stores in town provide that online shopping can't replace.

“What happens when you want something and online can't get it to you fast enough and the store that you could buy it at is closed because nobody shopped there,” said MacMartin.

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