Marketplace for Kids takes over MSU

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MINOT, N.D.- Hundreds of enthusiastic young students have turned out here at Minot State University for the 20th Annual Minot Marketplace event.

The program provides students in third through eighth grade their first chance to explore career options, enhance personal development and develop innovation. Career classes take place throughout the day to let kids experience fields they want to explore.

The main event takes place inside of the MSU Dome at an invention convention where ideas the kids come up with throughout the year are displayed. A group of 4th graders from Perkett Elementary School showcased their inventions. Students Addision Rallow and Hatti Reinke shared their experience and how they came up with their ideas.

“My favorite thing was being able to show my project to people. I sort of just told them about it and I showed an example of how it worked.” Rallow said.

“One of my classmates never remembered her gloves so then me and Grace decided to make something so it’s easy to remember your gloves.” Reinke said.

Market Place for Kids Executive Director Robert Heitkamp says the convention allows students to make their own creative choices and use their imagination.

“It's actually up to the student they get to decide what they want to do if they want to do a business or an invention. And then it ranges from an idea that probably can't be done because of technology to something you've probably seen before. But somewhere in the middle there, I think you probably saw a couple of projects that probably should be for sale out there.”

If you have a young entrepreneurs who’s interested in attending next year, you can go online to for event dates and a handy project guide to get a jump start on next year’s convention.