Marketplace Liquor on North Hill facing possible liquor suspension

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Minot’s committee of the whole passed a recommendation from the Minot Police Department to suspend Marketplace Liquor on North Hill from selling alcohol for three consecutive days.

Police Chief Jason Olson said an employee at the store provided an under-cover officer with an underage ID with alcohol.

Zac Miller, the Senior Store Director and contesting the proposal, said that the employee is now not able to sell alcohol or tobacco to customers.

This is the store's second violation within 24 months.

“If you didn't take it seriously enough that you failed it twice out of three times and yet that employee that made you fail and jeopardizing up to $60,000 in your own words he's still working for you,” said Mayor Chuck Barney.

Marketplace liquor will be able to choose which days they would be suspended and it must be within 30 days. The recommendation will go to full city council for review.