Marine Corps celebrates 242nd birthday

BISMARCK, N.D. - On this Veterans Day weekend, the Marine Corps is celebrating its 242nd birthday, and for these Marines, Friday night was about celebrating that milestone.

“The Marine Corps birthday to us is everything,” Stephanie Belohlavek-Geiger, a veteran service officer said. “Because you know a lot of the other services once you are out of the military then you are a veteran, for us who are Marines, when we're out we're Marines.”

The Continental Marines were established on November 10, 1775. They later became known as the United States Marine Corps.

Each year, the Dakota Leathernecks Detachment of the Marine Corps hosts a ball for those who have served in the branch to come out and share stories and memories about their time serving.

“Once a Marine always a Marine, so to be able to share with all my other comrades and to share the pride that we have in our corps, it's huge,” Belohlavek-Geiger said.