March for Our Lives and Second Amendment rally

Published: Jun. 28, 2018 at 10:12 PM CDT
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Parkland survivors and other activists with the March For Our Lives movement made a pit stop on their road to change in Bismarck.

It’s the students second stop in North Dakota. On Wednesday, they were in Standing Rock to spread their message

“We don't want Bismarck to be the next Parkland,” Parkland activist David Hogg said. “We don't want anywhere to be the next Parkland.”

Students from Parkland on stage with students from schools in Bismarck and Standing Rock, shared thoughts and stories about what they think needs to be done to stop shootings and gun violence.

“We believe in the use of the second amendment to protect your family.” Hogg said. “We also believe the same way that we have a right to bear arms we as children have a right to live.”

The stop in Bismarck is just one of dozens they're taking across the country this summer, as they ask for universal background checks, a ban on high capacity magazines and more. Bismarck resident Liz Schneider also advocating for those changes alongside the Parkland activists.

“You know it's going to happen here eventually,” Schneider said. “It’s small, might take a little time, but it will happen.”

Outside was a different type of event for the second amendment rally.

There were lots of people voicing their opinions and showing their support for their right to bear arms. And there were a lot of different speakers that spoke about their right to bear arms, their second amendment rights and everything they hold near and dear to their hearts. One man says he spoke to the March For Our Lives students earlier Thursday afternoon and he says they have common grounds, but not exactly the same way of getting there.

"Things we came to a common ground on is that we need to do something about gun deaths in this country,” speaker Cody Schuh said. “How we implement that is probably different, but the biggest thing we came to an agreement on is: one, gun deaths are an issue, two, we need to start having this conversation more about how maybe we can curve them and maybe not have such a diverse radical separation."

People say they will continue to fight fearlessly for their right to bear arms.