Mandan's commercial property approach

MANDAN, N.D. - The City of Mandan Assessor's office is asking all commercial property owners in the city to send them rental income and their expense information.

Image courtesy: Mandan City Assessor's office

The letter says the information gathered may be used to help determine the assessed value of commercial properties.

“To me it seems it’s just another way they can try and raise property taxes because if you use an appraisal approach they get one number, but if you get the cost number, it could be much higher than the appraisal, just based on how much you make on the property," said Lee Gierszewski, property owner.

Gierszewski says he sent an email to the Assessor's office before he received this one in the mail.

"Our property has been valued at so much, but our appraisal came back way under. Trying to get that adjusted but nothing has come back of that either," Gierszewski said.

Commercial property owners feel this is not information the city needs to know.

"It seems this should be something between me, my tax guy and the IRS," said Gierszewski.

But the city assessor says it's a way for her to do her job properly.

"We're collecting data to make sure our assessments are fair and equal. Income approach is one way to value a property," said Kimberly Markley, Mandan City Assessor.

Markley says she understands some people aren't comfortable with giving this information and it's not mandatory, but everything remains confidential and it's a tool to benefit the city.

"If somebody came in and if our information is incorrect, we need to get it correct, and we're always happy if somebody calls and thinks we have an error, we'll make an appointment, we'll go out and review it, make sure information is correct, that's what we want,” Markley said.

Markley says the city's goal is to tax everyone fairly and she wants commercial property owners to reach out and ask questions.

If you think this might be affecting you, you can contact the Mandan City Assessor's office at 701-667-3232.