Mandan woman reunited with dog after she was found living at Bismarck Landfill

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MANDAN, N.D. - A Mandan dog owner is celebrating Friday after she was reunited with her dog who was missing for a year.

Last week we told you Hanna was spotted at the Bismarck landfill, alone and skittish. A Facebook post about the dog at the dump, connected the pooch back to her owner, Michelle Tait.

Tait, with the help of many others, used a trap and food to bring Hanna home. She says Hanna started howling and jumping on her as soon as they reunited.

"It's not just a girl and a dog. It's about about hope and about never giving up no matter what situation you're in. I mean, there's days where we don't know how we're going to get through them, and you just got to remember it's one minute of the time even when it's not one day at a time, and sometimes it's one year at a time, but we can never lose hope," says Tait.

Tait says the man who posted the picture of Hanna on Facebook says he wants to visit her from time to time.