Mandan street upgrades

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Southwest Mandan might be getting an upgrade for the first time in more than 20 years, but the costs of the project will fall on landowners in the area. The project takes place between First and 13th avenues Southwest, and First to Seventh street Southwest.

Cracked roads and wear mark the streets in Southwest Mandan. The city is in the process of giving them an update.

"Pretty evident if you drive in the area, a lot of those roads in that area are in poor condition, some of them are in fair condition, but none of them are in good condition," said Justin Froseth, planning and engineering director.

Sewer and water main work in the area in recent years has been paid by the city, but now it's up to the residents to pay for the roadwork, which includes storm sewers and new asphalt.

"I'd rather do the project once and do it right than to come back over and over and redo it, and create new special assessment districts and tax the people again." said Mayor Tim Helbling, Mandan.

The total cost is estimated at $7 million. Which on a 50 ft lot is going to come out as a $700 assessment every year for 20 years.

"There's just not that grant program for the local streets to pay for, so the costs are going to be high relatively speaking, because they all go to the resident that benefits from the improvements," said Froseth.

Normally Mandan sets special assessments at 15 years, but has increased it to 20 to make the project more affordable for the people involved.

Affected residents now have 30 days to submit letters of protest -- and if the city receives protests from a majority of that area it will cancel the project.