Mandan softball team rallies behind teammate

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MANDAN, N.D. - It's a trying time to say the least when a friend or loved one is diagnosed with cancer. A Mandan softball team is going through just that.

This event at Mandan High School is a way for the friends and family of Kaidra Froehlich to help out. She was diagnosed with cancer when a tumor was discovered on her brain stem. She went through surgery, and is undergoing chemotherapy.

"We all care, and everybody wants to do something to help, and in these situations we all feel so incredibly helpless. That it's giving people a means to give back, and just providing an outlet where they can give money, or donate money, or donate auction items, or just show up and have breakfast and spend time with her that's the important thing," said Callie Wachendorf, teammate.

The family has an account set up at Starion Bank for anyone that wants to donate.