Mandan residents concerned after recent shootings

MANDAN, N.D. - Two shootings in less than a week in Mandan. Now, residents are concerned about safety and what this means for crime in their town.

The latest shooting has people on edge.

Not a lot of information has been released by the Mandan Police Department about both shooting investigations.

Friday, was the second shooting in the city within the last week.

It left one person injured. Police have not provided updates on how the person is doing.

As for the many people in Mandan we spoke to, they say they’re concerned about the increase of crime in the city.

"Puts people on edge more than anything, and don't feel safe around their own homes,” said David Berger, who has lived in Mandan for 45 years.

The people we spoke to say they hope police can get a grip on the issues.

Mandan PD has agreed to meet us Tuesday to talk about the incident's and what this means for safety in the community.