Mandan increasing utility rates to help pay for water intake project

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 12:01 PM CST
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Mandan is gradually increasing utility rates to help pay for an upcoming water intake project.

The current water intake has served Mandan for years, but the city has been looking at a replacement. To pay for it, the city is raising prices on water.

"The river channel on the Missouri when we first built the intake was on the west side of the bank, now it is on the east side, and it has gone back and forth, and we need to make sure that sandbars are forming in front of our intake," said city administrator Jim Neubauer.

This year, the increase is 1. dollar fifty five per month for the average household.

Garbage and recycling are also increasing by about twenty cents per month.

We talked to some Mandan residents that said they don't like seeing prices increase, but they can understand the need.

"Water is one of those things that is a necessity that we have to make sure we're on top of, and we pay for. People expect when you turn your faucet on you've got good clean water, and we're doing everything we can to make sure that continues," said Neubauer.

Neubauer says the plan is to increase the water rate by more than a dollar a month next year as well.

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