Mandan hosts Oktoberfest

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MANDAN The Germans of Mandan are celebrating and sharing the culture of the Fatherland today at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest means it's time for a beer. Oddly enough, Oktoberfest isn't actually in October.

"The reason for Oktoberfest being in September, historically, is that even in Munich, Germany the weather is just plain nicer in September," said Ellen Huber, a Volunteer at Oktoberfest.

The festival with roots in Munich, Germany as a celebration of the Harvest is a place for costumes, and camaraderie.

"I just came back from Oktoberfest in the homeland, the motherland, of Germany. The weather felt like this there, the people felt like this there, the beer tastes great. I feel like I'm there right now having a good time," said Brandon Leingang, a Mandan Resident.

Stein hoisting competitions for men and women, a costume competition, and more Oktober-festivities were available. 20 craft brews were served at the fest.

"We have a strong and growing local brewing industry. This is a good way to celebrate that industry as well as we have a lot of our local craft brewers serving up their specialty beers here today too," said Huber.

Those that showed up in leiderhosen or other traditional wear got a discount at the door.

The Men's stein hoisting competition broke local records today, the champion held his beer aloft for 12 minutes.