Mandan family watches relative launch into space

MANDAN, N.D. - Last October, an emergency following a Soyuz MS-10 rocket launch in Kazakhstan made international headlines. For a Mandan family, this was close to home as an astronaut on board is a relative.

Janie Hague says cousin Nick Hague is now on board the Soyuz MS-12, five months after the frightening abort, which launched at around 2:14 p.m. Central Time for the International Space Station. Hague, surrounded by friends and family over video chat, watched nervously for the second launch.

"We're all a little more nervous today than other days because of what happened last time," said Janie Hague, Nick Hague's cousin.

The three-man mission will spend the next six months on the ISS. Nick Hague is scheduled to make his first space walk, repairing exterior panels on the space station in three days.