Mandan couple turns hobby into custom business

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:07 PM CST
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A Mandan couple that got their business started on Etsy is now shipping their unique pieces world wide.

Melvin Faris got his start in woodworking 40-years ago, a part-time hobby has now turned into a small business run from his home alongside of his wife Sylvia.

A small shop, in the backyard of the Faris' residence, is home to an international business.

"I think there's 18 or 20 countries that we've sent too in the past," said Sylvia Faris.

Badlands Shaving Company has been carving up razors since 2012.

"Probably on an average week we'll do 40 to 50 per week. We've done thousands," said Melvin Faris.

At first, the razors were simple, then Melvin began adding custom names and initials.

"We had a local company do that for us, then we decided to do our own engraving, so it’s kind of grown from there,” said Melvin.

That's when Melvin's wife, Sylvia got involved in the business.

"I do the engraving, and then once he finishes them I do quality control and make sure the pieces that go out are extra special," said Sylvia.

The couple, now spend upwards of 30 hours a week creating their custom gifts.

"Right now it’s still a part time job for us, but we hope to grow that and maybe do it full time at some point," said Melvin.

Growing their small business, shaving their way around the globe.

Badlands Shaving Company will be at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase at the Civic Center this weekend.

You can find a full list of their products at the link attached to the right of this story.

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