Mandan community rallies around deputy police chief battling cancer

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MANDAN, ND - Deputy Chief Paul Leingang, a life-long resident of Mandan and Mandan Police officer for more than thirty years, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Today those who know and love Paul banded together to show him no one fight's alone.

Bismarck Mandan officers served pancakes and sausage for hours. They say it was time well spent.

"Law enforcement we are a big family we bounded together and we take care of our own," said Jason Ziegler, Mandan Police Chief

And so do residents of Bismarck Mandan when one of their heroes is battling cancer.

"The lines haven't stopped until just recently they've dwindled down to where they are managable but before the lines were out the door and people were in line for 45 minutes," said Lt. Pat Haug, Mandan Police

"I'd say well over a thousand, well over a thousand, just it doesn't stop," said Andy Zachmeier, Morton County commissioner.

A seemingly never-ending line of people stopped at the Paul Leingang Benefit Breakfast. Paul wasn't able to attend, but family members say he was there in spirit.

"It seems like it's the entire town backing him and we know how much everyone loves him and our family is so thankful for everything everyone has done," said Kyle Leingang, Paul's son.

Daughter Kayla Leingang read a note from Paul to the crowd and there was a silent auction with more than 400 donated items. She says the support for her father and family is amazing.

"All of the different people and hearing all of the different stories about my dad just the little stories you know it just brightens your spirits," said Kayla Leingang, Paul's daughter.

His children say they look forward to sharing the stories and the day's events with their father.

All money raised today will go towards Paul's medical bills and expenses.